We give commercial premises:

  • Net zero electricity – 100%
  • Lower cost electricity than any other supplier – guaranteed
  • Zero up-front costs

A Smart Grid and technology platform – large scale batteries and solar panels for commercial premises

  • Net zero, low-cost electricity delivered to commercial premises
  • No capital outlay
  • Simple connection to your existing grid input
  • Guaranteed cheaper electricity
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Who can benefit from a Smart Grid?

The Smart Grid connects to your present electricity grid supply, using net zero renewable electricity to charge the large-scale battery at off-peak times.

On-site solar panels also charge the battery. We supply and fit the solar panels – at our cost. The larger the solar panel capacity, the cheaper we can make your electricity cost.

The Smart Grid platform is ready to go and provides 100% net zero electricity at the lowest available tariff. It is highly scalable – additional capacity can be quickly added. It is an ideal solution for commercial premises using between 500kWh - 5MWhper day.

We guarantee that over the 20 year contract period your electricity will be AT LEAST 5% cheaper than the best commercial rate.

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