How it works

OurNetEnergy specialises in providing 100% renewable electricity solutions to commercial properties, optimising both sustainability and cost reduction.

Our innovative Smart Grid offers a transformative approach to achieving net zero electricity.

Cost-Effective Solution

There is no upfront cost to you for installation or capital equipment. The Smart Grid costs are transparent and confined to just your actual electricity consumption. We guarantee a tariff that is at least 5% cheaper than any other provider over the lifetime of the 20 year contract.

Ease of implementation

The Smart Grid system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure. Installation is usually 14-18 weeks from date of ordering. Its "plug & play" design ensures a straightforward installation process with no interruption to your site supply, while its scalability enables full alignment with your specific energy needs now and into the future.

Net Zero Targets

With deadlines for net zero targets fast approaching, OurNet.Energy provides a timely and efficient solution. The Smart Grid offers 100% net zero electricity at a competitive tariff, aligning your organisation with sustainable net zero goals without compromising on cost.

Innovative Energy Storage

The system incorporates a large-scale battery that harnesses solar-generated energy on-site. This is also topped up overnight with off-peak zero-carbon electricity from the grid. This strategic use of renewable energy minimises costs and insulates your business from unexpected fluctuations in energy pricing and supply.

Tailored to Your Needs

The Smart Grid is perfectly suited for sites with electricity consumption ranging from 500kWh to 5MWh per day. The battery's capability to exceed your current grid capacity for peak usage eliminates delays from your existing network provider for installation of increased capacity to your site.

Comprehensive Support

We offer a 20-year guarantee for the Smart Grid, inclusive of all necessary maintenance and upgrades. Our expert team manages the cabling and connections, ensuring a smooth integration into your site.

Flexible Billing

We offer flexible billing options tailored to your preferences. That can be through a single invoice for the overall site or individual invoices for each separate premise or sub-premise on your site. You only pay for the electricity you actually use.

Complete Visibility

Our user-friendly web dashboards empower you with detailed insights into your daily energy consumption and trends, providing granular visibility into usage patterns in 30-minute intervals. Alerts can be configured for any unexpected usage levels.

Retro-fit or Newbuild?

We can install a Smart Grid to existing sites as well as helping you to plan it into the core electrical infrastructure of a newbuild. Our electrical consultants work with your teams to ensure easy installation.

Contact us today to learn more and take a vital step toward a greener tomorrow.