About Us

Meeting your needs for reducing costs and migrating to net zero electricity

The current energy crisis has brought the state of the energy market sharply into focus. Businesses are, in many cases, desperate for a long term solution that combines net zero with lower costs. ​

OurNetEnergy clients effectively pay for the use of the system as opposed to the market price for electricity. It's always cheaper, cleaner, greener, inclusive and hands control to you.

Meet the Team

We have been working as a growing team for 3 years, perfecting our Smart Grid to ensure it delivers to the huge market potential.

Marcus Brook
CEO & Founder

As the visionary founder and CEO of Our Net Energy, Marcus spearheaded the development of the ONE Smart Grid. Identifying the complexities and inefficiencies that businesses face in their journey toward Net Zero, Marcus saw an opportunity to revolutionise the dated and expensive UK electricity landscape. By employing a software-centric approach, he and his team have crafted cost-efficient energy solutions that mitigate investment risks. With innovative, plug-and-play options, Our Net Energy is at the forefront of accelerating the transition to sustainable power. Marcus' leadership is leading the charge in the market (pun intended).

Eric Young
Chairman & Founder

Eric Young is the current Chair of Our Net Energy and shareholder through Rutterford Holdings. He is a developer / investor in commercial and residential real estate throughout the UK in addition to being a former Chair of Archangels, an active business angel syndicate. Their members and partners invest £10m to £12m per annum in early stage science and technologies.

Piers Alington
CX and Operations

Piers brings more than 25 years of innovation in customer experience and business operations leadership to Our Net Energy. Previously as the founder and CEO of a pioneering text analytics company that helped companies to understand and improve their customer experience, Piers is ensuring that Our Net Energy clients have an easy and frictionless experience throughout the onboarding and operational stages of the ONE Smart Grid solutions from day one.

Franky Connor
Technical Engineering Consultant

Franky, founder of FC Power Consultancy Limited, is an experienced Senior Design Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the energy sector. Specialising in the planning and installation of all Our Net Energy Smart Grids, Franky has extensive expertise in EHV & HV systems for wind, solar, and battery storage technology. Previously serving as Senior Design Engineer, he managed complex transmission and distributed generation portfolios at Scottish Power, liaising with national grid and transmission operators. His skills also include distribution network solutions for large housing, EV Hubs, and commercial developments.